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Oriental Miniatures
Box miniatures
Sources of inspiration
A. Karimov's works
Idea and composition
Mystic Symbols
Old tools and new techniques

In his works the painter invariably turns to poetry, an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration. He borrows subjects for his miniatures from the works by both outstanding poets of the past such as Navoi, Jami, Nizami, Omar Hayam, Pahlavi Mahmud and Mashrab, and contemporary authors. Karimov avoids a literal reproduction of their themes, he prefers to paint free compositions associated with the texts such as "Leili and Her Friends in the Garden", "Leili and Mejnun", "Bahram and Diloram Hunting", "Music", "Journey", "Water Is Life", "Glory to Nature" and "A Sufi in Love". Some of his miniatures have a social meaning, for instance, 'Strength Is In Justice' and 'Confrontation'.

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